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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Knitting Brain Still Works

And it is keeping me up at night - with Knitting Math Issues!! I have never designed my own lace scarf with knitted-on border before. Someone with a high school education ought to be able to do the math calculations ... just figure for every slipped stitch along the edges of the center panel you knit 2 rows of lace border. As long as the number of slipped stitches divides evenly into the number of double rows in the border you should get a nice flat piece. It's the calculation for the corners that is tickling my brain at night because you need to connect 2 and sometimes even 3 double rows of border to each of several corner stitches in order for there to be enough lace fabric to fan out into nice square-ish corners. So which border pattern you pick plays into how many stitches you'll cast on ... and vice versa.

For 2 nights now I've been dreaming of graph paper and stitch patterns and picking up edge stitches so in honor of my insomnia I give you an old cartoon from the early days of this blog.

If Bess gets 5 stitches to the inch and
She has a 24" circular needle and
She is subscribed to 4 knitting magazines then
How many hours will it take to explain the 10 balls of cashmere on the VISA bill?

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