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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Gathering the Clan Together

In the end I decided to go back to the city and I'm very glad I did. By the time I was ready to come back home all the sisters had gathered, there had been hugs and jokes and though we can't all visit Daddy in a phalanx, I know he'll be pleased to see each of his daughters over the next 2 days. 

We haven't given Mama the full scope of Daddy's illness - who would, if they have to then leave her alone to brood? She knows that if the far away sisters are worried enough to come it must be a serious situation. Typically, she did not ask for details and I hope she sort of forgets about it. She is all but bedridden with a fragile constitution. Nobody is going to take her to the hospital for fear of the health consequences. 

And besides - he's such a fighter he could rally. We don't really know exactly what tomorrow has in store and I, for one, am prepared to be fooled by Mother Nature, Modern Medicine and That Dad of Mine. After all, this is the man who took up sky diving when he was in his 60's!! With a guy like that ... there's no telling.

1 comment:

  1. i do so hope you are fooled by dad again
    and that mom gets to see him

    still sitting on your shoulder bess
    and you ALWAYS make the right decision as it's instinct with you