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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Yes. She still knits

It has been a hard week coming to terms with our loss. Thank you all for your tender sympathy - that which came here, via comments, or on Facebook and most especially the love that came as phone calls and in-the-flesh hugs. Thank you and thank you.  We are missing our Priss but it hurts less today than yesterday. Your kind thoughts have helped so much.

And yes. Knitting has helped some too. I am working with the green rayon Trendsetter ribbon - that yarn with the use-by deadline attached to it. I'm making a summer top with simple lines and an easy construction .... and because it is ribbon, it's giving me fits! The idea is a knit-in-the-round top with a center line that dips in front & back - easy peasy, right? Just do a double decrease in the center and add a stitch at either side seam, yes? Right? Brain dead easy.

So don't ask me why I keep miscounting and ending up with not enough stitches and having to stuff an extra increase in. I think it won't matter. We shall just have to see if it looks too weird when I get a few more inches of the body knit.  I may have to rip all the way back and knit when I'm less counting challenged.

It's rayon and knit so it's extremely stretchy. It's also heavy so I have knit it pretty small because something tells me this will G R O W when I wear it. 

I'm really fond of the cap sleeve in summer. It's almost like wearing a tank top ... only not ... so I don't feel quite so casual, so naked, at work. I love the color of this yarn and it's the least difficult ribbon yarn I've ever worked with. So, while I may never be a fan of knitting with ribbon yarn, I may someday learn to be neutral about it.

I plan to do a little bell shaped lace stitch all around the collar/sleeve part. I'd actually thought to put it up the center seams, front and back, too, but realized I would never go to work wearing something with gapey holes over my bra. It's just not good form.

I have about 600-700 yards of this yarn which looks like enough.

At werk things are weird and slightly tense as I try to wind up the fiscal year and start up the summer reading program and handle a small renovation project. But they're weird every June. It's the nature of the job. And I'm doing a lot of scheduling and booking because there are a number of summer fun things lining up. I'm sure you'll hear about them, as TheQueen steams deeper into the vacation months. So stay tuned. And stay cool. Ta.

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