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Friday, June 17, 2011

Old Photographs

My sister and I are loading old family photos onto a digital frame to give Daddy for Father's Day. I have about 25% of the OFP's still at my house. I've been shipping out stacks of them to sisters over the past 3 years but recently I've been putting the good ones on a CD first. What I have now are mostly of the parents and their childhood and of my immediate family - and of course, of the cuteness of TheQueen as a Princess. 

Here are a few glimpses down memory lane. This middle shot is the last view my parents had of me when they dropped me off at college. At least, the last for a few weeks - I was home sick with mono within the month and never really got well again. I had to drop out at the end of the semester. It was during that period I took up the crochet hook - if you are of a certain age you'll remember those open crocheted vests people wore back in the olden days. I was at an art school with a big dance department. All the ballerinas crocheted and they were so toned and fit they looked like fashion models and made the rest of us look like grandmas in our hand looped clothing. I gave all my crocheted skirts and vests to my little sister. 

Oh dear - and here is a yurt photo of TheQueen with  her 3 year old LD. La! These pictures are all so long ago - and bring back some good memories - and some difficult ones. I've tried to load only ones that will bring back happy memories for Dad. Fingers crossed I am successful.

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  1. What a lovely idea for a Father's Day present! Your photos are lovely, too.