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Monday, June 27, 2011

Thank You Again

Your kind comments are so welcome. They reach out and stroke hidden sore spots in such a special way. Truly - thank you.

I spent the day researching the details of funeral planning, feeling both guilty and pressed for time. Weird. I honestly feel that the more prep we do the less anxiety we'll feel later, but the old taboo of "Not Talking About That" still pinches a little from deep within my psyche. First steps have been taken. Phone calls will occur today. I'm a good strategic planner. Everything will be settled as tidily as possible.

When I wasn't reading funereal literature I was sewing. Three pillowcases are done and there are 3 more to do. They're shamefully easy to make and I realized that I could use the scraps to edge a set of white sheets and really do the matchy-matchy thing. I don't think I shall - but I might when autumn comes. I remember, too, how I hate having my sewing machine set up in the living room. I hate it in the bedroom too. It absolutely needs a place of its own. Along with the knitting, the spinning wheel and the watercolor stuff. Nothing could so bring to the forefront how much TheQueen needs a studio as having that sewing machine spreading its attendant clutter all over a hot summer house. I had planned to make a slipcover for the couch - and may still do so - but ugh! Clutter clutter clutter. Driving me crazy.

So now it is Monday yet again. June's last Monday - which means scrambling at work. Think I'll go make myself another cup of coffee and plot the day's steps. Ta.  


  1. you need a studio
    everyone does
    or some sort of workshop room that can take all the crafts/repairs/paint, the STUFF of keeping living going

    and bess remember, the reason it seems so wrong in a way is that you are acknowledging the end of life. it's our culture not to think about 'negative' or 'dark' things. it wasn't always like this for humans but american's seem to really not want to think about the circle of life
    it's normal and it's natural
    and you are doing what you have to, to spare more pain later

  2. Bess,

    I am so sorry to hear about your father. My prayers are with you and your family. I can only hope to see you soon and give you a biiiiig hug. Missing you, Ed and William so much. Sending strong, joyful thoughts your way.