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Monday, November 30, 2015

AWOL - TheBrains, Transactional Analysis and Germs

Oh la! November 30th and not a single peep out of me. And not in the mood to be either witty or sharp or even interesting. Yikes! What's happened? Where is the familiar loquacity, the need to blab, the desire to display my Virgo skill with language? Where is the ego that is sure everyone wants to know ... or at least have a record of ... what is going on at TheCastle? Is this just a temporary hiatus? A reaction to a sinus infection that laid me low for weeks? A calm before the storm? A dark hour just before the dawn?  Or has TheQueen sort of had her day? Is it time she retires into semi-seclusion and lets a new regime take over?  Am I ready to let TheQueen and her Blog just fade away into nothingness?

I don't know. What I do know is that the thought of a post-less month in the sidebar feels very much like  Rat Prison so here is a post to fill that up. If my LeftBrain wants to keep a perfect, if gratuitous score, that's okay by me.  And it's not as if I have done "Nussing, nussing" since I last posted.  There was werk - which had it's own set of demands, including fun ones. And two visits from the kids, counting this past Thanksgiving weeken: A thanksgiving weekend that included Cousins! And a thoroughly delightful weekend visit with adorable Other cousins - and even knitting! I taught said adorable cousin how to knit baby booties. I mean - how cool is that?

That weekend was super fun - but as I recall, I was sick as a dog then too. Or maybe just sick as a puppy - but ugh. sick.

And also there is grief. Global grief about the massacre in Paris. And personal grief about the holidays coming up and, hey, no Mama. And grief that resulted from a clash with ThePrince. (Can you imagine? Insurrection in the ThePalace? I mean, who would ever quarrel with that paragon of peaceful cooperation, me?) And grief coupled with fear because sister had to have open heart surgery and, hello - scary. Not really up to losing More Precious Family. And a fundamental grief too about the loss of Things As They Once Were.

And no I'm not stupid enough to cling to an ignorant belief that Things Were Better In the Good Old Days. I mean - we could be having an epidemic of typhoid or Tamerlane could be galloping across the landscape making mountains of skulls (though maybe his spirit is in Paris). Which is just to say that, yeah, I know. Times are always bad and always good and it's really up to us to pluck the good out of the gross. Which I can usually do. Just struggling a bit here, now.

Image result for germsNo. I am blaming all of this on germs. I am sure they are still coursing through my blood veins. Maybe just the sloughs of them - not the live active ones - but there has to be some sort of Other Reason for this tough time besides a selfish indulgence in melancholy.
emoticonYeah - right. blame it on germs - so you don't have to listen to me and figure out what we need to make me feel better.

Ooops. RightBrain is right about that. She is hurting and something needs to be done. Well, my beloved NaturalChild, we'll take this week to figure out what you need and then find some way to give it to you. I promise.

Image result for adaptive child

emoticonBut what about that MediGap thing we have to do? And the 5-Year Plan work? And don't forget we need to go to the gym. And I thought we were going to start strength training again. There are ThingsToDo!

Yes, my dear LeftBrain Parent - we'll get to it all. You'll see. It'll even be fun. After we go have a good cry - you'll see. It'll all be fun.

And TheQueen will be back, too - and it'll be fun. I promise. It'll all be fun.