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Tuesday, June 2, 2015

STAYcation 15

We did that on Sunday - we caught the Jamestown Ferry - part of VDOT's dwindling ferry system. I believe they only operate 2 other little ferries, both of them in the Northern Neck. There is Hatton Ferry, a historic polled ferry outside of Charlottesville that operates in the summer and you can get to Maryland on White's Ferry and you can take a roundabout way onto the NC Outer Banks via the Knott's Landing Ferry.  Isn't it funny that the 2 that are closest to me I've never taken. The Jamestown Ferry is by far the most fun one because it takes you across such wide water, gives you great views of  the boats at Jamestown Settlement, Jamestown Island, with it's old brick church and of course because all those gulls and cormorants hang around hoping  you'll toss them something to eat. When I know ahead of time that I'll be taking the ferry I buy a loaf of bread and feed them. When it's an unexpected delight I content myself with the camera's joys.

Some camera joys:

I'm indulging in a Staycation this week, hurriedly planned when I realized that I was going to werk and sitting like a lump instead of actually werking. I needed a break and I needed it badly - and there was only this one week in my summer schedule when I could indulge. So here I am, at home, with nothing much on the calendar but kayaks, cameras and naps. And rain. Which I will get to in a moment.

First I want to explain to you exactly where Eco Discovery Park is - because goodness it's hard to find - especially if you don't know that is what you should be looking for. That is where you can rent a bicycle to ride the Virginia Capital Trail - a delightful meander along Rt. 5 between Jamestown and Charles City Courthouse ... with a little bit in Richmond at the end. The intervening segment is under construction with the intention of linking all three Virginia capital cities sometime at the end of this summer.

TheQueen does not own a bike. Or rather, she doesn't own a functioning bike and she's not all that sure she wants one. Biking around here is not so interesting - it's something that requires a CAR and ... somehow that just doesn't seem like biking. Not that I would never buy a bike. But I am unlikely to do so. Maybe. I don't know. What I do know is that I love getting on a wide seated bicycle and tooling along flat terrain just to see what I can see. See things like wildlife, wild rivers... er... placid ones, anyway, and beautiful VA scenery. Oh la and remind me to never again let ThePrince take my picture!

Whenever we have taken these bike trips, though, we get all excited about buying our own bikes. We shop on-line. I even went to 2 Richmond bike shops yesterday while doing some city errands. Then we talk ourselves back out of buying slightly pricey toys that we know we won't use at home. So far, we've been able to rent bikes at the trails we've ridden and sound money management would lead us to continue to do so. I'm just not sure owning something I have to load onto a car before I can really enjoy it is a smart, or even an  honest thing to do. 

But these trails - oh my. 2 for 2 right now - they are wonderful fun ways to spend a day off. I'm thinking that it would be fun to ride on all of them - at least, all of the rural ones. I'm particularly interested in the ones out in southwest VA. And if I really did set a goal to ride all what? 300 miles of bike paths ... maybe my own bike would be worth the investment. We'll just have to see. Goal setting isn't my thing. Not that I don't do it - but it always depresses me. I mean - so what? You reach your goal of riding all the trails and then quit? Repeat? go find some OtherGoal? Me? TheQueen? The queen of ENFPs? I don't think so. LOL. I'm already talking myself out of it. 

Showers Chance for Measurable Precipitation 80%Showers Chance for Measurable Precipitation 80%Chance Showers Chance for Measurable Precipitation 40%Chance Showers Chance for Measurable Precipitation 40%Chance Thunderstorms Chance for Measurable Precipitation 50%

So this is what the weather dot com guys are offering me for the rest of the week. No sunny days till Saturday. Isn't that a bummer? Mind now - I'm glad for the rain. I'm ALWAYS glad for rain in June, July and August. But. Rats.

Image result for lewis ginter botanical gardens And funerals. I had planned to hook up with Sister tomorrow but there is a funeral I would go to. We were going to visit Louis Ginter Botanical Gardens but now there is likely to be rain we might change the venue and maybe even the date.

Plans just change. That's the beauty of a STAYcation - no big deal - no real plans - just ... whatever. And naps.

Naps are for those of us who see sleep as a recreational activity. Not quite as invigorating as kayaking but certainly as healing. When I am retired - I shall not wear a red hat and a purple dress (and look like all the other old ladies). I shall NAP.

And I will be back later in the week with a report of OtherThings.