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Sunday, July 26, 2015

Almost All Fixed

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When I last posted here I believe I was wallowing in the blues and I believe there was Cappuccino Crunch involved. The trouble with blogging on a Sunday morning is that there's time to really throw a literary pity party. An itty bitty pity party can be good for the soul - I am sure - but full out wallowing with Cappuccino Crunch is probably not a great idea. And in fact, I am much better.

I'm not all fixed. But I'm almost all fixed.

It was good to identify the source of the sloth and the root of my defensiveness. I'm sure that not everyone I know was out to blame me for the troubles of the world - (God I hope not) -it just felt like that. I'm still not being very creative and there is still too much ice cream in my life but honestly - I am better.

Image result for bucket  of happinessAnd there was some outdoor play. And there was some camera play too. And a lovely party to celebrate BH's birthday. And there will be time with friends tomorrow. So I have a pretty nice bucket of joy in the making.

And there is time.  Time for missing Mama - and a time to just miss her. There is time to examine what is going on to see if I need to be so defensive. There is time to feel the love that's washing over me. And there will be a time when I am creative again. Just know - TheQueen is Almost All Fixed.


  1. Ah, Bess...this is good to hear...I still have my moments, many years out. It comes in cycles...though with longer and longer periods of contentment and joy in between. May you get to that place soon...with a little help from your friends. Hugs!