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Friday, November 15, 2013

What's Going On in TheQueen's Bi-cameral Brain

The B's have been pretty reticent lately - they're having a hard time coming to grips with something so I thought I'd let them each lay out their viewpoints and see what sort of conclusion they come to.

 emoticon LB   So do you realize TheHolidays are upon us? Do you realize we have to start planning and making lists. We don't want to show up on New Year's Day with an extra 20 lbs on us, now, do we?

 emoticon RB La la la la -emoticon Christmas is coming the goose is getting fat - hm hm hm hm hm.  emoticon

emoticon LB Hey! It's planning time! Listen to me

emoticon RB I am going to open myself to my true desires and let them flow into me

emoticon LB  Yeah. Hot rolls with butter and pumpkin pie are going to flow into you and when they do they'll flow into me too. We'll start the new year looking like a blimp and we won't fit into any of our clothes. Besides. Holiday plans are fun to  make. We need a shopping list for Thanksgiving and a Christmas gift list and we need to schedule the caroling and we really ought to spend the weekend creating that Christmas card address database. It's time to get crackin'!

emoticon RB emoticon We gather together to ask the Lord's blessingemoticon

emoticon LB Yes yes. We ought to ask that too - We need all the blessings we can get if we're going to make this a great holiday season. We really should make one of those Gratitude games to put at everyone's place at the Thanksgiving table. Oh and new sheets? do we have new sheets for the guest room? the old ones are so gross.

 emoticon RB I don't feel like making lists and planning. I feel like being open to accept what the universe wants to send me.

emoticon LB (quietly pondering a moment)  Well. I am sure it will be wonderful - and I actually understand that. I even want it. But. But you do realize that the Universe is also sending us a dozen guests for Thanksgiving and 4 short weeks afterwards to prepare for Christmas.

emoticon RB Yes. I do. And I know I've been dragging my feet - but I just think that ... too much list making will get us lots of tasks accomplished but maybe leave us with some rare opportunities missed.

emoticon LB Yeah. I actually knew that was what was going on in your side of the brain - but I feel stuck because I don't have a road map ... and that's making me feel anxious.

emoticon RB  No you don't. You think we're going to be sorry - I'm the feeler.

emoticon LB What I think is that we're going to be fatter because you will feel so nervous when things don't work out, because we did not plan, that you'll eat everything in sight.

emoticon RB  Oh. Yeah. You're right. I will do that.  Sigh. I don't want to grow out of my clothes but I don't want you to prod me so much that I'm unhappy.  Hey - and weren't those the cutest jeans we tried on yesterday? Are we going to buy them today? and that red dress - hot hot hot, weren't we? Man I love new clothes!

emoticon LB And I want to explore the possibility of magic happening  - of extraordinary opportunities coming into our lives that we hadn't thought of but ... I don't want to get caught with no Christmas gifts bought - or too much money being spent at the last minute on the ones we do buy. I just want the assurance of a few lists.

emoticon RB Well, can you put Time To Dream on one of those lists?

emoticon LB AB-SO-LUTELY! but remember - time we take for one thing has to come out of time we used to spend doing some other thing.

emoticon RB What about those jeans? Can we buy them? Huh? huh? today?

emoticon LB If I can find a discount coupon. If we get that cluttery pile of mail sorted out. Otherwise we have to wait till Tuesday when it's senior discount day.

emoticon RB Let's go sort the mail right now!

emoticon LB  LOL Okay - but after that we do a little holiday planning. OK?

emoticon RB OKAY!  emoticon hmm hmm Baby's got her blue jeans onemoticon

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  1. Doncha just love it when RB and LB decide to play nicely together? Happy road-to-the-holidays, friend!