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Saturday, March 16, 2013

Life is a Roller Coaster

This has been a full week - with ups and downs and goods and bads.


  1. Daylight Savings Time - an anathema for a morning person like me  
  2. Baby Puppy Callie's broken leg 
  3. 4 of my library staff down with bronchitis/flu/pneumonia 
  4. Tuesday night board of supervisors meeting - had to skip gym and stay out late   
  5. Began to feel 'off' Thursday and didn't feel any better on Friday. Actually feeling low down by the afternoon.
  6. As a result of all above - have not gotten in the exercise I normally do  


  1. Baby Puppy Callie back on at least 3 of her feet again after surgery. 
  2. 2 of my sick library staff were much better by end of week
  3. BoS meeting didn't last too long and I had good news to share that brought big smiles. Just in time for the budget sessions which start in 2 weeks.   
  4. Got 3 big tasks done at work - three things that had been nagging at me and making me feel guilty. DONE! Yes.  
  5. Had the absolutely most awesome strength training workout Thursday morning ever. Actually did 2 sets of pushups much deeper than I've ever done before.  
  6. Got to go home early on Friday and slept 11 straight hours  
  7. Got to within 2 lbs of my goal weight and no longer have to pay for WW meetings.  

What a week! Still, it looks like the good outweighed the bad. And sometimes a week is just like that. Plans had to change and routines got disrupted and most important of all - I had to adjust and adapt. I do regret not getting in the exercise I normally do because I seriously love exercise. But I don't worship it. It is high on my priority list but not at the top. Balance is at the top. And today I do feel better so I'll get in some exercise and some housework - which, around here, in the land of guys and dogs and farm fields, tends to be very aerobic.

A week like this doesn't leave much time or opportunity for creativity but I hope to get in some Art and some Fiber tomorrow. And on Monday I go to the city and after a brief dr. apt. I get to visit my mama, have lunch with my sister and shop for myself. That's a triple whammy! What a roller coaster ride!

Callie wishes a happy, healthy weekend to you all.

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  1. Definitely a Good Thing that there's more on the Plus side of the ledger! Have a great weekend and enjoy your lovely Monday. Here? More snow!