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Saturday, March 23, 2013

Is This What I Think It Is? (and a status report from Life-0-TheQueen)

 Is this an Oreo stuffed brownie? I'm already having a chocolate meltdown. I found this on a SparkPage as a sidebar add and the link is protected - evidently you have to be a member to get in and there isn't any way to become a member on their website. Or maybe it's my ancient computer or maybe it doesn't like Google Chrome for a browser or perhaps you just can't be from a red state .... even if Virginia isn't so red anymore. But the photo was worth drawing attention to and if you want to contact them, here's an email.  It's enough for me to just look at the photo and maybe that's enough for you too. Wow.

Anyway - I know you're here to find out what's happenin' at TheCastle and how Callie is. Callie is improving ... I'm tempted to say by leaps and bounds but we work very hard to keep her from leaping at least. She's done with pain pills and antibiotics and she's sleeping less - more like a normal dog - sleeping till something interesting comes along. She's still talking all the time - which is adorable and effective since if she ROWLEROWLs, her mama comes running and brings her a treat and snuggles. She gets very hot, very fast and would much rather sleep outside. She also seems to be growing still. Both BD and I think she looks a little bigger and a lot skinnier. We're adjusting her food daily.

Dr.L warned us that the pins might begin to push their way out of her bone ... sounds creepy to me ... and I think they may be shifting - because there's a slight puffiness where they'll take the pin out. Okay, okay, TMI. What this means is she's getting to the stage where she'll need to be watched more closely so that she doesn't do too much and injure a rapidly healing leg. Am I afraid we'll fail at this. Yes. But we won't. Just because I'm afraid of something doesn't mean I can't do it.

Not going there.

Instead, showing you how much she's enjoying herself and how Capt. Jack is taking advantage of the lowering of the bar around here.

In other news:

Last Monday I visited Mama with an old diary of hers and we read it out-loud and laughed with happy memories. It was from 1960 and it was full of our childhood and her vigorous youth. The day began hideously with a slushy snowfall so I got a late start. The idea had been to visit with Mama, check out the perfume at Sax 5th Ave that I will probably never buy, but at least wanted to smell, meet up with my sister and then window shop for spring clothes till late ... after the 5 o'clock rush hour. I managed to do most of that - though I had to skip the sniffing at Sax and I left before the rush hour - which seriously shortened the time I had to browse. Happily, sister and I had a great visit and I did score one fashion triumph. I have been longing for a pair of flowered skinny jeans. I had fun trying on the utterly wild ones in the Junior department of Sears - but as cute as they were, they were definitely too jejune for me. These, though - a pair of Jordache in a pastel flowered pattern - I picked up at Walmart of all places. Yes. I do love them. Yes. I don't care if I am 60 years old. Cute Cute Cute.
Fortunately I had gone through about half my warm weather clothes the day before because I have been in a spending mood for weeks - but it turns out the attic is full of cute clothes. I'll sort out the other half in the next week or two and once the budget season is over (ugh don't ask. it's horrible and it begins this week and I dread it.) I will celebrate by filling in as many gaps in my wardrobe as I can.   

Of course, a trip to the city is not complete without a stop by a Barnes & Noble. This time I hit the drawing books, partly because I was buying a birthday present for someone who is learning how to draw, but partly because I want to learn more too. As I've been playing with Zentangle® I finally admitted that I am in love with the cartoon fairy&dragon world of graphic novels. I don't like them as books but I love the pretty ones as artwork. Every Zentangle® I've drawn has cried out for a fairy and lately I've yielded to that cry. So. I would like to improve my cartoon fairy drawing skills and lo - there was a book! (Librarians' Credo  "Of Course You Can. It's In A Booooook!")  Click here to get this at a super sale price. 

I love this book because it's both an instructional book and a sketch book. There are lots of blank pages in it after each aspect of fantasy art they demonstrate. Of course - I bet it takes me a while to mar the beautiful white pages, but that's okay. I have lots of paper.  So here you can see how TheQueen has been spending her free time this week.

Yes. I do believe there is a story line. It's on its way. Patience. 

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  1. You look terrific in those jeans, girlfriend! Wow!