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Saturday, November 10, 2012

Yes. She's Alive. She's Even Knitting.

There is even a post from last Saturday that I just haven't gotten around to finishing. Because I don't have any photos of my knitting.

Wait. (10 minutes later)


The multi-hued yarn is a Plymouth yarn called Gina that's similar to Noro with its long color way. It's a cleaner yarn than Noro (used to be? Never really look at that stuff - have a bad reaction to it.) and I originally bought this yarn to knit a blue sock (the solid is another Plymouth in superwash merino) with a fanciful cuff - never thinking about that long colorway and how many inches of sock cuff I'd have to knit before the color changed at all.

Sudden change of plans turned this into a hat brim for a solid colored crown. I may also do some fun stuff with the crown - something pop-corny or cable-y - though even as I type this I shudder because I like classic with a bit of whimsical trim - not all over funky. But this blue hat will end up as a gift anyway - so there is time to ponder before I switch yarns.

And so you see - Proof of Knitting. 

But the real project I've been working on is a series of watercolor Christmas postcards. I'm doing these with the same friend with whom I did the 31 days of sketching in August. We are having way too much fun with these - Here is a Christmas Fairy, doing her magic.

So. Just in case you were wondering ... Is she alive? Does she Knit? - the answer to both is "YES" I guess the real question should be ... "Does she still blog?"


  1. Good to see you're still knitting...and painting...and blogging!


  2. And, lucky are we that you are still blogging. Thanks for the beautiful photo journey through Dale's glass art exhibit in Virginia.

    San Diego had a show, some years ago, of his work; that was when the onions were still being blown. Many people loaned their pieces, including some magnificent chandeliers made for the local rich folk. He's an amazing artist/designer. I loved the video where the onions were floated down canals in Venice. Thanks again for a lovely photo tour.