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Thursday, November 22, 2012

What's the Plan? My Left Brain and Right Brain figure out Thanksgiving Dining

Thursday, November 22, 2012

I thought you'd like to listen in on my School Marm Left Brain and my Wild Child Right Brain as they get ready for this Food Fest of a Day.

emoticonLB Happy Thanksgiving to you! How do you feel?

emoticonRB Thanks, pretty good. How do you Think?

emoticonLB LOL It's not HOW I think but WHAT ... and I think we look pretty durn good compared to a year ago - which was an improvement over the year before. Doin' good girlfriend

emoticonRB You know what? That's just how I feel too. I'm really proud of how slim I look and I really love that sparkly shirt we bought

emoticonLB Yeah - even though we DON'T NEED ANY MORE CLOTHES! I think we look good in it too, though. So. I am thinking also about how to keep on looking this good. I have a plan.

emoticonRB Why am I not surprised. I hope it isn't a Nothing Good To Eat plan

emoticonLB of Course not. I wouldn't ruin Thanksgiving for us. My plan is this. Let's figure out how many calories/points a modest thanksgiving dinner is and then decide how to eat around it the rest of the week. AND figure out how much more exercise we're going to have to get in to counter the "weight" of that dinner.

emoticonRB ...uh. OK. There will still be pie, right?

emoticonLB Absolutely. And thigh meat and dressing - but .. how about skipping the gravy?

emoticonRB What about the jello?

emoticonLB You betcha.

emoticonRB And cranberry sauce?

emoticonLB If you want it.

emoticonRB hmmm. and wine?

emoticonLB yep

emoticonRB Well. It doesn't look like I'll have to give up anything. what's the catch?

emoticonLB I think we might pass on the whipped cream with our pie.

emoticonRB well... okay. I'm always sort of sick by pie time anyway

emoticonLB And if you decide to NOT put butter on your roll - that saves something ... but that one is up to you. I've factored it in.

emoticonRB What about the surprise dish our guests are bringing?

emoticonLB I've factored that in. Plus the hour of housework we have to do and the 2 mile after dinner walk we'll take.

emoticonRB So. what's the damage?

emoticonLB Well - dinner will be about 2400 calories or 50 points. give or take

emoticonRB oh. that's a lot

emoticonLB It will be less if you eat less turkey thigh - but that's about the only place I can see you could cut back and ... even I don't want to do that

emoticonRB Me neither.

emoticonLB But we can shave off 4 points by taking that after dinner walk and cleaning this house - the floor looks awful!

emoticonRB LOL but we always do that anyway.

emoticonLB Yes - we do. But listen - this means we have oatmeal with apples for breakfast and only carrots and apples the WHOLE rest of the day.

emoticonRB I'm good with that.

emoticonLB I'm glad. It also means we only have 15 bonus points and 10 activity points .... about 1,000 calories of wiggle room the rest of the week and there will be ALL THAT PIE in the house.

emoticonRB Couldn't we give some of that away?

emoticonLB Yes! We can! And I plan to cook only enough mashed potatoes to eat up in this one meal. No Leftovers of that. You know that - it's not really this one big meal that causes so much damage. It's all the aftermath. The snacking. The pie for breakfast.

emoticonRB Yeah. I know. I wish ...

emoticonLB Don't go there. It's NOW. and it's HERE and TODAY deserves as much fun and attention and enjoyment as ANY Yesterday!

emoticonRB Okay. I won't go there. Besides, I'm looking forward to getting to know the K's better.

emoticonLB Me too. And sharing the beautiful autumn colors with two artists. Won't they love the views and the colors and the fresh air smell?

emoticonRB Yeah - I'm so thankful we could invite them this year. And really really thankful it's such a pretty day.

emoticonLB I'm thankful too - for the opportunity to have a smaller feast.

emoticonRB LOL I bet.

emoticonLB and we'll be taking long walks on Saturday and Sunday and maybe even going to the gym on Friday. We can rack up some exercise points this weekend. But we really have to eat only healthy nourishing food the rest of the week - in appropriate sized portions.

emoticonRB Yeah yeah yeah. I understand. But talk to me about THAT later because ... I can't care about Saturday when there's today to live in. Remember "It's NOW. and it's HERE and TODAY deserves as much fun and attention and enjoyment as ANY tomorrow!

emoticonLB Touche! And thanks for having this talk with me. I'm really THANKFUL for it. I love you, you know.

emoticon RB I'm thankful for it too. Love ya right back

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