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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The Perfect October Day

We woke up Tuesday morning with no firm plans on how to celebrate this 41 year first-date anniversary. All we had decided was to do whatever felt like fun. So I took breakfast up to bed and BD read some Wendell Berry to me while I knit (Yes. TheQueen still knits!). But the most beautiful October day ever kept beckoning and eventually we shucked off the bedclothes and stepped into a magical outdoors. 

We live down on the flats and our landscape lives up to it's name - flat flat flat - so we drove up country to forage across new landscape. You will never know how many secret delights await you off those narrow county roads till you get out of the car. Treats like wildflowers ...

and ponds just right for puppy swimming

I love the way white labs blend into the pale autumn grasses - 50 shades of khaki, hmmm? 


I was also on the lookout for color schemes - especially things that combine blues and autumn reds. Here, beneath this sweet gum tree I caught just that lovely pale blue of mid afternoon sky.

Proof I was actually here - along for the walk. The photographer, like the cobbler's children, is often the last one in line.

There were two more ponds for a little new baby puppy to explore and Daddy and Jack had some quality time together too.


It was the Perfect October Day. We topped it off with a splendifferous dinner - cooked at home - I know - shocking! Filet Mignon from TBonz'n'Tuna and a bottle of Ingleside Merlot 2007 - just about the best merlot I've ever tasted! 

And now this wonderful day is at an end. It's time to head back to werk. 
But I can think about today tomorrow. At Tara. 

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