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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Sunday Morning Musings

Every other month I work on Saturday. I actually like Saturday duty but I also like the expanse and luxury of two days in a row off. There is also some resistance from other inhabitants of TheCastle to my absence on Saturdays so I stick to the every other month schedule and one of my months is October and yesterday was my Saturday.

Which means that Friday I had the day off and this month I joined Sister in the far west end of Richmond for some serious retail therapy. We bought some high end underwear - the sort of stuff you'd call lingerie even though you wear it every day. Oh. Well. Maybe some of you wear lingerie every day but the word still connotes images of  Jean Harlow in Dinner at 8 to me. My mother once told me that all her life she wanted to be Kitty in that movie. Which just shows you that one can be deeply sympathetic to someone who is an utter opposite. Kitty lay around in bed all day, ate chocolates and canoodled with the doctor, only putting on clothes to go out to dinner. Now, I can lie about in bed till maybe 11 o'clock on a Sunday but that's about it. Mostly I pop up like a piece of toast.

And now I have strayed completely from my original thoughts - which were merely about the fun I had with my sister in the lingerie store. And yes. This was a Spending shopping trip so I came home with a tiny bag worth many dollars. Afterwards we went to The Cheesecake Factory where we had lovely healthy appetizer lunches and then ruined it all with the 1220 calorie White Chocolate Caramel Macadamia Nut Cheesecake. The best part about that desert was the name - and the feeling of sinful indulgence. Alas. The worst part of it was the blah taste - or rather - the heavy caramel taste - and that was not bad - it was delicious - but you couldn't taste any of the other flavors - so next time I will just get the plain cheesecake that logs in at about 700 calories and will have a nice cheesecakey flavor. Or I will go to the Godiva shop and get fancy caramels. It was truly an example of flavor overkill. 

To complete our Friday of Lustful Experiences we went to the Apple store and drooled at the technology. I have long wanted something portable but robust that would let me 'do it all' and I am thinking now what I want is the MacBook Air. It is just small enough to fit in my larger purses and it's light enough and it has a keyboard that's big enough for me to handle. 

It's a too-expensive luxury item to add to my life right now ... but ... I can save up for it and by the time I have the spare $1200 it might be even better ... as in - it may have a phone included. I think that would be the absolutely perfect device. A true phone in a tiny laptop. Yep. My perfect gadget.

Oh. I almost forgot. We also went to Whole Foods where I'm supposing you don't even have to look for the "organic" label on anything. I bought only some very fancy mushrooms since I had just gone grocery shopping but I did see Vegenaise for sale at almost half the price I pay for it down here. Of course, I shop at a tee tiny church run vegetarian store for that kind of food. And I don't have to drive all the way to Richmond. 

And now it is Sunday morning - half way through Sunday morning at that - and I have yet to fix breakfast. The day holds several pleasures - some painting, some outdoor play, lots of puppy love, and yes - some knitting. I promise. I will have pictures tomorrow. Of Tara. 

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