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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Phenomenally Happy Birthday Week

This was the big Six Oh and the decade shift had been on my mind a lot but not in any wistfully longing for better days way - just in that way where you think about it. Think about the huge store of memories; think about the things up ahead; think about the treasures laid out in your lap, at your feet, in the palm of your hand.

The festivities began with an email from LD saying he'd be home Thursday night. Not sure if he was coming to meet Callie the New Baby Terror Puppy or to hug his mom. I believe it was equal measures of both - and I have always been happy to share the love.

That was on Tuesday. Wednesday means story hour - all about puppies including my favorite puppy story:

and a visit to the pre-schoolers from the Real Live Puppy (and  yes I brought the camera and no I forgot to take any pictures)  Callie was a princess and didn't chew or pee or bark. Instead, she let dozens of starry little hands pet and stroke her. Yay Callie.

Wednesday was further glorified by an afternoon having my nails done (is there anything so luxurious as having someone you really like massage your hands and feet?) A late day, vastly productive meeting with the library board policy committee meeting finished up my work week, since I don't count going to meetings in the city as real werk. I absolutely love the women on that committee - funny, interesting, smart, helpful.

Thursday started out vigorously with a strength training workout at the gym - I am slowly getting back on schedule with exercise after several weeks of interruptions. Then it was off to the city, with a few hours for shopping therapy that included a triumphant score in the dress department, before I had to head down town. I was able to check into my motel and dump my stuff before 1 o'clock - always a good thing and of course it is also always a good thing to hook up with other librarians. It's a bit lowering to realize that there are only a scant few of us who have been around for ever'n'ever now. I once was the young thing gazing innocently in awe at the experts. I am no expert myself, but I wonder if I fool these young library directors into thinking I am because I am so wrinkled and you can see my roots.

Friday was the actual day and because last spring when I was talking to someone at the LVA about the fall schedule I mentioned that it would be my birthday - and she remembered - I was serenaded with the birthday song - and presented with a slice of coconut cake right out of my childhood. R said the bakery that made it claims to have the old Miller & Rhodes recipe (though I rather think it is the old Thalhimers recipe since I remembered that cake and Daddy always brought home the black and white checkered box) It was such a nostalgia fest to taste that again and I love me some nostalgia.

I really must call R and find out where she bought that cake because .... I gotta do that again sometime.

It was plenty warm on Friday but the sun has begun its equinoctial southwesterly arc and the air cools dramatically once it begins to set.  Back home there were hugs and presents  and puppy kisses and flowers. The three of us took a stroll around the farm, then headed to town to the wine tasting at All About Wine and dinner next door at Relish - the weekend evening restaurant housed in the Rivahside Cafe building.

You have to admit - I work in the cutest little town:

Saturday the Vauter's Church altar guild hosted a flower arranging demonstration by David Pippen up at the church hall and I'm not sure which was better - the incredibly delicious spread at the coffee hour or the glorious arrangements, but it was a great way to spend the morning. The afternoon involved naps and walks - two of my favorite recreational activities. After the Friday Night Indulgence Dinner - we were back on our vegan routine on Saturday. LD was wildly curious about vegan food and I supplied him with a curry of vegetables and tofu and a more "Virginia" dinner on Sunday of hoecakes, butter beans, broccoli and black bean cakes. That's the favorite dinner around here because it doesn't taste either ethnic or west coast.

The weather has been simply glorious all weekend - with sunny days and crispy cool nights. Monday, which I took as a vacation day, was all girlfriend centered, with a trip to Fredericksburg with M. She and I are always saying "let's get together and play" and then, never doing it. About a month ago we pulled out calenders and scheduled a day at last. I love downtown Fredericksburg because it's chock full of cute little shops - including a yarn shop, thank you, and yes. I did buy a little yarn. We ate at Sammy T's, partly because I knew I could get vegan lunch there - which I did - and then, after exploring about 10 blocks of quaintness, we headed to utterly NON-vegan Carl's for frozen custard.
I never said I was perfect about this vegan stuff. In fact - I'm not sure I've said anything about this vegan stuff. hmm. perhaps a blog post is in order. Later. At Tara.

And now it is Tuesday - this week's Monday. And look who wants me to get going.

Guess I better. It's almost 8. 

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  1. Lovely to read about your celebratory week. Aren't we spoiled?! Happy Year, luv!