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Sunday, September 9, 2012

Fall's First Sweater Day - a Knitting Post At Last

A storm came through yesterday afternoon and blew away summer. The temperature dropped about 25 degrees and we awoke this morning to the first crisp fresh breeze day of autumn. I am wearing a sweater - and not just any sweater but Irene, my green pullover knit last September. I know the day will warm up. I'll take my sweater off. But this wonderful chilly morning reminds me that there is better weather ahead. Energizing weather. Inspiring weather. Knitting weather!

I am thinking about an oatmeal Aran sweater - especially since the fall Vogue Knitting is all about Aran sweaters. And I already have the yarn. I'm also thinking about finishing up Brica - of the pointy shoulders. Or rather. I am thinking about ripping out the shoulders and knitting them again. Or maybe blocking it and seeing if I can smooth out those points. But I am certainly thinking about wearing it when we get some truly cold temperatures.

One reason I have done so little knitting this summer is because my eyesight has been acting up. I have an astigmatism that looks like this \ /. It's never been very pronounced and in the past it's only shown up in my near vision. This summer, at the height of my allergy suffering, it showed up in my distant vision as well - the vision I use to walk around the house and pick up knitting needles and find yarn. So in addition to bazillion degree temperatures and the world's meanest library patrons, I couldn't see a durn thing. I was truly uninspired to knit.

Ah. But. Today it is a sweater day. And a Sunday - and there are zero library patrons. And New Glasses have been ordered. Knitting will commence. After breakfast.


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  1. Oh. Aran sweaters. I have made 2 in my life -- one was The Boyfriend Sweater; the other, The Husband Sweater (different -- and lovelier -- man). But I have creamy yarn in the right weight...and likely enough...I might just have to join you in this project...And shove aside all the other things on which I'm working, of course!