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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Dancing Around My Weight Loss Goal - a Left Brain Right Brain Conversation

If you hadn't realized, I am a fluffy woman (love that term)
who has spent a lifetime werkin' on it. At the moment I'm again on a downward effort via my own combination of Weight Watchers, Vegan, and ThingsIMadeUpMyself. Yesterday I weighed in at just a few ounces over last week's weight.  That's just over 3 pounds from my WW goal and just under 2 pounds from not having to pay to go to meetings. I like those meetings and plan to continue to go fairly regularly when I reach that goal, even though the rule is only once a month. I like the WW employees and I like the people who attend. But I would rather have the $. 

When I look in the mirror, though, I see that I would also rather weigh 10 lbs less than that goal weight. It's a proportion thing and it's an age thing. The only thing that would keep me heavier would be if my face sagged too much at the lower weight (also an age thing). But way back in 2003 when I first picked this WW goal I thought I'd look and feel better at that lower weight. I just didn't want to work towards it any more. Now, almost a decade later and half an inch shorter, I need to see if this is right for me. 

So. So what's going on? I'm playing around with the same few pounds - or even ounces - again. Time to get my Left Brain Wild Child talking to my Right Brain School Marm and see what we can do to start moving again. 


LB  Well, my friend - we're starting to dance away from our weight loss goal again. Want to talk about it? 

RB   Yes 

LB   So, do you want to get slender? 
RB     Yes but I'm afraid 
LB    What are you afraid of? 
RB    I'm afraid I'll have to work this hard for the rest of my life 
LB    Oh - I understand how that feels. I suspect, though, that if we get used to good habits we might not feel they're such a burden. Don't you love going to the gym now that it's a habit?

RB    Well. Yes.

LB    Okay, so what else? 
RB   I'm afraid I won't be able to live up to our expectations. And I'm tired 
LB    What are you tired of? 
RB   I am tired of having to think all the time. Think about what to eat. Think about exercising. thinkthinkthink 
LB     Yeah - I understand that too. I'm a little tired of it too.  How else do you feel? 

RB    I don't feel free enough 
LB    What would make you feel more free? 
RB   LOL - a cook in the kitchen who made all the decisions for me and they were all good ones. And restaurants that figured out how to make good-for-me food as tasty and cheap as not-so-good-for-me food. 
LB   Well. I'd like that too - but what can I do to help you feel more free? 

RB  Give me a safety net. Make the lists. Make the plan. Plan out meals. Take time to do your job. 
LB   Hmmmm. I can do that. I even like doing that. But it means not doing other things. Time is finite when it comes to this sort of thing. You have to be willing to Not Play with Other Things while I do all this list making and planning. 
RB    When? When? 
LB    How about Thursday afternoon? But you will have to be quiet 

RB    OK - I can be quiet while you're working. 
LB    And we may miss our drawing session that day and have to double up on the weekend

RB    OK 

LB    Anything else? 

RB    I am getting older and I don't know who I am as an old lady 

LB   You're the same person you always were 

RB   No I'm not - I have creaky bones and aching joints sometimes and I have to watch out for my back and I'm scared I'll look bald if I let my hair turn grey but I'm afraid I'll look stupid with an old lady face and died hair. 

LB    Nobody's looking at you that hard 

LB    I'm looking at me 

RB   How can I help?

LB   Oh. I didn't think anybody could help. Can you make a plan about that too? 

RB   I'm sure I could 

LB   When When When?

RB   Well - hmm. How about this weekend? No. Wait. Hmmm. How about Labor Day weekend? And btw, I'm glad to learn you see the value of all my list making and plan writing ... 

LB   I've always valued you - I just don't like it when you forget about me 

RB   Fair enough. Well - Let's work together on this 

LB   Deal 

   emoticonWell. Who knew? I'll be back when I have plans to share. Hope you got a chuckle out of all this.  


  1. Good luck with that...

    And when did your LB/RB come to live inside mine?

  2. Thank you for sharing this blog with me, I totally get it!