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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Hot Hot Hotty Hot Hot Hot - A Whiny Post

It's so hot. It's hellish hotness. It's sweaty hot, sticky hot, ugh hot hot hot hot.

I am supposing it's this hot in lots of places these days. I saw on some news broadcast that exty levendy hundred counties in America are under drought conditions. Why is summer so gal durn hot. Why can't we get snow in July, when we need it, instead of in January, when ... well ... we need it then too.

Whew. Well. That felt good.

It seems as if the only thing I do these days is seek ways to stay cool. I am sure that's not true ... it just seems that way. It's been my stupidest seeming summer. And if I get 1 stitch knit a week I'm doing well. Even ThePrince (Consort) said the project I was working on (that brown Egyptian Collar top) looked hot. It's fairly heavy cotton so ... yeah - it does look hot. I don't think I'd have worn it this week - and I have woven in only about 1/3 of the ends that need to be tucked beneath companion stitches. There is yellow silk on needles that is whining that I Never Pay Attention and I love Brown Cotton Best. It's not true even if it looks that way. Besides, Brown Cotton was in line first. It has waited 2 years. Still, I feel guilty. But my brain just cant seem to shift out of idle enough to do Knitting Math.

no preview This is the only knitting I feel like doing.

Here is how Jack keeps cool - crawling under the desk into TheCave. (please ignore the thighs)

I've been such a slug this summer. I still haven't put stuff back into the bathroom after the Great Renovation (why you have not seen any photos). Well... I'll cut myself a little slack. I am still looking for the right accessories to keep the bathroom better organized. I intend to keep this zen bathroom calm and peacefully uncluttered. I promise - there will be a photo blog soon. Proof that TheQueen is not a slug all the time.

  In this wretched weather - when we are not having watermelon for dinner this is about all we're good for.

So. What is TheQueen about to do on this hot hot hot day? Yes. That's right. It's Thursday morning. She's going to the gym for a weight lifting class.

Yes. She is crazy.



  1. Hot here too...but hot in a Central Alberta prairie sort of way, more humid than usual, and powerful thunderstorms, but not oppressive for undue periods of time. Wanna come for a visit?

  2. YES! yes yes yes.. Yeppers. You betcha. yes.

  3. I STILL can't get used to them saying here that the temperature dropping into the mid-to-low 90s is "a nice cool down." That just sounds wrong to my Northern ears.

    Where I grew up, it was not uncommon for the high to be in the upper 70s on at least a few summer days. Now that's the low we get here in the middle of the night. I long for it to be fall.

  4. Me Too! September - come to me