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Sunday, July 22, 2012

A Break in the Heat

We already got a break in the drought about 2 weeks ago with some serious rainfall. Since that first Sunday in July we've had almost 5 inches - so this tiny quarter inch we got last night is just icing on the cake, not a disappointment. What I'm really welcoming is the relief from the blazing sun. A few cloudy days in the summertime make my whole body relax just as low humidity blue skies (what TheQueen calls California Weather) energizes it. This weekend, though, I'm ready to relax.

Which does not mean that TheQueen hath been slothful. She - er - I spent yesterday replacing things in the newly renovated bathroom. Pitching, Organizing and Replacing, that is. When we began the project I tossed bags and bags and BAGS of stuff - since I was cleaning out, not only the cabinets but also 20 years of hidden clutter in a knee wall space where a drier vent had to go. But even with that massive haul to the recycling center, I knew there was still crap that I didn't want to put back into my beautiful beige and white and green zen bathroom. More stuff was deleted yesterday and everything that I kept was put into white plastic Trays of Categorization and set on shelves that will be labeled. The idea is that if you want something - you can see what tray it is in and just take that tray out. On new TheQueen's Shelves there are More Trays of Categorization so that I can keep the vanity top bare - so that it can be wiped down easily - and regularly.

There are more organizational tweaks and there are some Organizational Vows that will be written, signed, and sworn to. But I will write about them later.  I am not going to post photos till it's all finished and there is still one bit, painted yesterday and not dry yet, so I shall stop talking about my Zen Bathroom and scrounge around inside my brain to see if there are Other Things I can post about. Other Things besides how ... when you clean up one area of your house you start looking at the rest of it with a critical eye. I tweaked things in my bedroom and even in the guest/office/packing/junk room. That room is so full of Stuff - yet it's the bigger of the two bedrooms. BD asked yesterday if I didn't think we ought to move into that room. It would be cooler in the summer since it's on the east end of the house though it was always the coldest room when LD lived at home - so ... I'm not sure. Besides. I don't think we can stuff everything that's in it now into a smaller space. Maybe. Just not sure.

But it's worth thinking about seriously, critically, productively.

Ah well. I don't really have anything I'm ready to share here yet. There are Other Things, but they're way too embryonic to talk about. Other than that - there is nothing to do today - except we might have guests coming. Might not, since it's so cloudy and the plan was to spend a day of play on the river ... we shall just have to see. And next week - I promise - photos of the Zen Bathroom.


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