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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Changes in attitudes

Nothing remains quite the same.

I'm feeling very Jimmy Buffett-ey these days. It's the light - and the humidity  - and the 90 degree days. Summer whomped down on us big time this week and all I can think of right now is ocean beaches. Not, mind you, that I've planned for this with a reservation at VaBeach or Nags Head as we roll into the Memorial Day weekend. But even if we don't change latitudes I am going to make sure to don swimsuit and dive underwater sometime between now and the first of June.

Yes I know. I haven't finished telling you All About My Trip out west. I hope I can finish telling all about it with some of the freshness I was feeling when I began it 3 weeks ago. I hadn't intended to let it drag on like this but then .... I hadn't any idea of how many family surprises were going to fold into the packed days of an already full Month of May. We've had weddings and funerals, really - and surprise birthdays and planned ones - graduations and, oh yes, both my parents ended up in hospital - then rehab. This in addition to a week and a half conducting tours of the library for 600 elementary school children. Wanna fry your brain? Try stuffing that into 6 work days when you're short staffed - for (weep weep) our young college graduate employee left us on May 1 and we won't have his replacement on board till July 1.

Isn't it wonderful I love fried brains?


Of Course there's knitting in TheCastle -  just ...  not very much knitting. Here is proof, though - a photo of the trip sock I stitched away at on the airplane. (There was zero knitting while actually touring the west - I had Other Things to look at and gush over and think about) This is some Spirit Trail yarn ... maybe Sunna but I'm not sure since I gave the label to the knitting seatmate I had on the flight back from Nevada. It feels like it has something soft in it - definitely not a crunchy sock yarn. Still, it does display stitch definition in a pretty way. I don't think cables would hold up unless they were part of a cable & lace design, but these knit and purl patterns really do pop out - even in a cloudy day photograph.

And so  - spring is rolling into summer and the schedule will change along with the weather. I plan to be back on more of a regular posting schedule but, then, I also plan to lose 20 lbs and keep an always orderly house and redo the bathroom. It's not as if there's no hope for any of these things, but the timetable for them is ... um ... flexible.

But to tease you with Great Arizona Eye Candy - and also an interesting colorway ... ( can't you just see this in a fair isle design?) here is a favorite picture of rocks & flowers. Not sure what the flower is ... maybe an Emory's Globemallow, Sphaeralcea emoryi - but the rock is really a petrified tree.

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  1. Judging by the leaves, and the way the buds hang their heads, I think the flower is a type of poppy. Just back from the Studio Art Quilt Associates' conference, I'm seeing this rendered in fabric and stitch...likely hand-dyed...Lovely!

    Hugs to you, Bess!