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Thursday, May 12, 2011

The Calendar Challenged Queen Celebrates a Birthday

Yesterday I logged onto TheInternets and sent a Jacquie Lawson birthday card to a Special Boy.  Around 7:30 I dialed a certain phone number and hollered up to BD to pick up the extension. When we got the answering machine we both cried out Happy Birthday and sang the song and gushed out our love and wished him a wonderful day and promised to call again later that evening. And 10 minutes later we got a return call from LD, who said "Thanks, Mom and Dad. But I thought I was born on May the 12th"

I knew that. I was just testing the system. 

I knew that. I am just calendar challenged.

I knew that. Because 35 years ... and about 45 minutes ... ago a Perfect, Angel-Baby, Darling, Only Son was born in a hospital in Richmond. Without a doubt the most powerful day in my life, and the happiest, even if I did sleep through most of it. May 12 is a day engraved on my heart with all the joy one woman could ask for. 

And yesterday evening, about 7 o'clock, I heard the dogs barking outside. They often do so when they want to come in so I opened the door, only to see someone walking up the lane - a man with a dog. And since we are the only people around here who ever go visiting on foot, I couldn't imagine who it might be, until I recognized a familiar lope. I stood open mouthed a moment and then shouted for joy! Because that special boy had decided he wanted to spend his birthday with his family and had tooled up the highway to be with us. 

The final bit of calendar challenged goofiness was that not 30 minutes after he'd talked to us on the phone yesterday morning, his boss had walked up to him and said "Isn't this your birthday? Why not take the rest of the week off."  Glad to know I'm not the only one having date book issues. 

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