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Sunday, May 3, 2015

TheBrains Fulfill a Promise

emoticonPsst. Hey.
emoticon Yes?
emoticon I thought she was going to post about that camera.  Didn't she promise?
emoticonYes. She did.
emoticonWell. Well?
emoticonWell, I think she has been too busy.
emoticonHuh. Not any busier than us.
emoticonThan we
emoticon Pbbbtth  Not interested in a grammar lesson, you conjunctionist.
emoticon(grins) Okay. But I think she hasn't written about the camera because she's not sure if she plopped all that $$$ down for the wrong purchase.

    Fujifilm FinePix S1 16.4 MP Digital camera

emoticon What? What? What?
emoticonAnd don't go all Brian Gavillan on me.  You know it's true.

emoticon Well, weren't you just sick and tired of all that dithering she was doing? Gawd - she read so many camera reviews that every time we looked at TheInternets we were bombarded with camera ads.
emoticonYes. I was tired of it and the truth is, I think she'd set herself an impossible goal.  I don't think there is a ThePerfectCamera - at least, not a perfect point and shoot one.
emoticon And I HATED the old camera - I didn't even want to pick it up any more. And I resented not being able to take pictures.
emoticonYou're right. I noticed we'd just stopped taking it with us. It was so tedious to have to hunt around for some background trees to hide the spots made by the scratches on the lens.  But I do think you were unfair with her, lusting after those super zooms.
emoticon OMG - but look what you can do with them. drool city!

emoticonAnd I'm not sure the dog photos look right - something about the edges ...

emoticonOh - I don't know - I think they look pretty good and the landscape photos are very nice

emoticonHmmm. Well - they're okay. But they have such little sensors that it's hard not to get noisy pictures.
 emoticon Noise shmoise.
emoticonWell. did you like those first photos we took.

emoticon (squirms a little) well. No. But don't you think ... it's not the camera's fault - it's ....
emoticonYes. I do think that we are pretty ignorant photographers.  When you see photographers in action - you know, the real ones - they just seem to point and shoot.  But really that's not what they're doing. They're twisting dials and pushing buttons and setting things up so the pictures all come out right.   Point and shoot is never going to be National Geographic. It's like those ads that use thin models and show them eating cheeseburgers with huge big bites - you get to thinking you too could be thin if you just open wide and bite.
Image result for taking a big bite

emoticon LOL yes. you're so right. It feels like you should just be able to go click click click and have prize photos. But that's just stupid. Well. You know I love it when we know stuff and I love to learn new things.  We can learn how to take better pictures.
emoticonYes. I think the more we learn about how photography works, the more we'll love that new camera.
emoticon I'm glad we bought that beginner's guide to photography book.

emoticonI am too - already we've improved on those first shots.

emoticon and don't you like that zoom lens? I mean - really - aren't you happy that you can get up close with those fragile wild life pictures? Did you even KNOW a frog had those mimicking camouflage teeth?

emoticonNope. No. I think it was a good thing to get the super zoom. We live in an area where wildlife abounds. It would be a shame to miss out on good quality closeups.
emoticon Besides - I don't feel like this is the last camera we'll ever buy. I mean - what if we get really good at photography - we might want a DSLR
emoticonLOL - you greedy puss you. Just looking for another opportunity for Retail Therapy.
emoticon(Grins) It's never too far away - but no. not any time soon. I want to become a better photographer and I'm ready to take that baby out and play with her.
emoticonSo? Let's Go.
emoticon Uh - and - uh ... let's just keep this between us. She'll never know - she can just think everything's hunky dory and never know we had this conversation.
emoticonYou think?
emoticon Nope. I just feel it's the right thing to do

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