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Monday, March 24, 2014

March Mission Accomplished

My New Year's Resolution for March was to create a Christmas Card mailing list. It's the kind of mindless fun sort of job I enjoy - but it's really so mindless it was hard to make myself sit down and actually create it. Then suddenly I realized it was almost April and I hadn't begun. And so. Sunday morning I sat down with the huge stack of old cards, envelopes, and the crusty Rolodex and began to type.


I haven't decided what I want to do for April - though we have HVAC guys coming early next month to put in a ductless heat pump. Mitsubishi ElectricMitsubishi ElectricMitsubishi ElectricFour Mitsubishi Hyper-Heat Ductless Units, in fact. Here's what they look like.


So it might behoove me to clean out the corner in the spare room that is heaped with yarn bins, fiber tubs, laundry baskets full of family photos, a spinning wheel, a chair and several bags of unfinished knitting projects. That might be my April Resolution - or better yet - putting it all back in useful and accessible order might be the real resolution.  Sigh. Sounds like werk to me. 

A more fun resolution might be 

So now it's discourse between head and heart - or conscious and subconscious - or Left Brain and Right Brain. Either way - I will probably do at least some of both. And with that TheQueen will bid March adieu with this fascinating photo of the sun's reflection in a pool of water.  Juno is intrigued. Or is it Callie?


  1. Yes, just in time for the summer. Cooling down while knitting on a hot summer day looks like a day well spent! Well, probably cleaning up the space where these would be installed would be a day well spent, but that's boring, and most of all tiring. Just think of it as an excuse to do some sort of spring cleaning. Cheers!
    Duane Simpson @