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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Goodbye Christmas, Hello New Year

It's always bitter sweet when we have to say goodbye to Christmas and this year is no different - I'm so glad it's gone and I so wish it was still up ahead. This particular Christmas was so strange because nothing turned out the way I planned it back in November. I took lots of time off this year so that I could do serious socializing and instead I've been home pretty much the whole time. Not that I mind being home - I rather love it - but it was just different - not as carefree as usual. And then - not what I'd been hoping to do either - dashing off to have lunch with J and gathering with the Richmond loved ones on Boxing Day. Ah well. So. It was different. It was still wonderful. And ... I'm still glad to pack it all up too.  

 But since this is my blog ... and as such is a bit of a diary - here are some highlights to remember - like visiting Mama with LD. I went back again on Monday too and Sister and I had a lovely time looking at an old scrap book full of newspaper clippings about Mama's Wonderful Daughters.
Here is the new 4-some smiling on Christmas eve. PD is one of two great gifts of the season - now Mrs. Darling, as of December 20. Aren't we lucky?

 And here is my Big Darling, home from the hospital (YAY YAY YAY THANK YOU, GOD) and hinting about opening presents - which were plentiful this year. Santa was particularly generous. Even Mrs. Santa had a gift or two.
The Little Darlings added so much to the festive feeling and yet were able to get off alone at least a little bit - after all - this sudden early visit was biting into their honeymoon.
 There was lots of rain on the weekend but it cleared up enough to get in beautiful hikes with my two labradors - dang - I thought Callie was in this picture - but she's such a speed demon it's hard to catch her with the camera unless she's up on the couch. Juno, otoh, is always ready to strike a pose. She was 40 lbs on Christmas Day - 5 months and 40 lbs! Whew.
The sun went down into a clear horizon on the last day of 2013 - not anything to create a vivid sunset but one that looks like we'll have smooth sailing in 2014. At least - that's MY plan and I'm stickin' to it.

And now - here we are - on the far side of Christmas and even well into next year. There's no more holiday left - just the sweet memories - the little disappointments - the big scare - and the enormous monumental gargantuan mountain of thankfulness that I'm here with BD and we ain't goin' nowhere.

When the werk of putting Christmas back in the attic was done I did take my annual bubble-bath, then fingered the pages of last year's journal and plotted out my new year's resolutions. I'll be back with a post about them tomorrow - at Tara.


  1. Happy, cozy, healthy, knitterly, loverly new year, dear Bess. Hugs!

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