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Sunday, December 8, 2013

Our Romanian Christmas

In TheCastle, the rule is - the tree goes up the weekend before Christmas and the gifts go under the tree on Christmas eve - and no sooner. We have a big live tree that sucks up every inch of floor space in a room with a wood stove - a tree that needs to be watered daily. We have dogs who meddle with NewStuff on the Floor. I don't want to see freshly wrapped gifts either soaked with water or torn apart by pointy white teeth. In TheCastle, though, there is someone who wants to fondle and guess and anticipate - someone who is always asking when we can put presents under the tree. Mama Grinch tends to stand firm on this. You see,  I was never one to try to shake or peek into gift boxes. I don't want to guess what's inside. I like the anticipation of waiting for The Day to open my Christmas gifts. Who would ruin Christmas day by trying to know ahead of time what was in those delicious boxes?  So when BD asked me yesterday if I wanted to start a new Romanian Tradition (in honor of our new Romanian Darling, P) I was sort of non-plussed.

With sparkling eyes full of happy glee he begged "Don't you want to open a present early?"

Since we have only been married 39 years, I realize he hasn't had time to get to  know my likes and dislikes so I explained that  - no - I like to save all presents till Christmas day.

"That's not the right answer." he informed me.

I made a face.

He begged again - "Don't you want a Romanian Christmas? St. Nicholas' Day?"

I squirmed. No. I didn't. 

"Don't you trust your husband?"

"I like our established Christmas traiditions."

"Trust your husband."

"Well - if it's not a dryer, which I would be delighted to see today - I'd rather wait."

"Well, it's not a dryer but it's like one."

"Do I need this to make Christmas happen?"

"It will make Christmas better."

I couldn't imagine what would make our Christmas better. I really did NOT want to anticipate Christmas day by opening things early. I almost felt hurt that he'd tamper with our wonderful and already established traditions.

"Trust your husband" he told me.and I relented and said "Okay"

 "Oh. and where is the wrapping paper?"

He was off and back in a twinkling, with one of his boots in which he'd put a slender package. Upon opening it there were 5 pieces of copper wire from the enormous wheel of it we have out behind the tool shed. He picked it up somewhere back when we were still living in the Yurt. Over the years it's been used to hang pictures, tie up garden stakes, form wreath bases and in a hundred other helpful ways. There was a twisted piece with a loop and a hook - then a small piece with a loop and a bend - and 3 more longer pieces, each with a loop and a bend. 

It was a weird looking gift and he almost chortled with glee as he looked at my puzzled face.  Then he took me into the kitchen and asked "What's the worst thing about this kitchen?"

"It's the mess of the pot lids."

"Right first time!" he laughed and then showed me how to use the wire bits to form this wonderful, ingenious pot lid rack! And yes - I would rather have this than a dryer. We can get that any time - we're just too lazy to go down to Lowes and order it. But this? This is perfect. It's so wonderful to get those dang lids out of the way but without having to use some bulky holder for them or to step across the kitchen to some cabinet or drawer. They hang here like magic - you can hardly see what holds them up.

So - next time I will trust ThePrinceConsort and say yes the first time!

And for those of you who wonder how the Oatmeal Aran sweater is coming along - here's a progress photo. I really need to finish up the Christmas knitting today so I can settle back with this yummy temptation.

Stay indoors today - the wet freezy stuff is already falling here at Champlain.