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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Art in Action

The moment I saw the Zentangle books I knew I wanted to use it to decorate clothing. White t-shirts came to mind, of course – but not exclusively. I knew black and white would look great, just … not so great on me. I also knew color would be fun – but color is always trickier. Here are two versions of Zentangle inspired wearable art. I used Sharpie Fabric Markers on them both.

The important thing to remember when playing with these designs is that Less is More. I'm far too inclined to draw every favorite design all over everything. With this t-shirt I selected 7 patterns and repeated them throughout - carrying one of my favorites, the leafy vines across the back and another favorite - a blossom like design down both sleeves. 

Here I am in classic Librarian Pose

This colored one is nice enough but, alas, too many colors. If I want to do lots of colors on something I'll do it on white or cream. If I start with any more identifiable color as a background I'll select a strong contrast instead. I still like this - but I think the B&W is better.

Like tattoos without getting pricked. 

And here is a picture of the Birthday Girl - because today is our little princess Callie's first birthday. No. She won't get a cake. Yes. She will get extra biscuits. Happy Birthday Callie-Girl!

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  1. Looks like fun. Does it wash well? Happy birthday, Callie! :-)