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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Callie Teaches TheQueen a Lesson

Seven weeks ago my 7 month old lab pup Callie broke her leg and we have been carefully tending her since then. Two and a half weeks ago, on a Friday, she got the pins out of her leg and was still on 2 more weeks of careful watching.  That Saturday she started playing in the yard and you guessed it - re-injured that leg. Worst yet - I didn't notice it till we were walking home on Sunday after picking up the paper. The rest of Sunday was pure torture for the two grownups in this house. Monday she went back in for surgery and came home with an exterior pin and a prescription for another month of confinement.

It has been a tough 2 weeks for us. (imagine how hard we had to work to not recriminate all over each other - only partially succeeded)

Callie? she could care less. all she can think of is "Where's The Fun?!?"

And that, my friends is the best lesson I could ever learn. I agonized. I blamed. I ached. I angered. I raged. I wept. I wrung* my hands.

Callie thumped her tail. Callie nuzzled my face. Callie ate a healthy dinner - neither too much nor too little. Callie has a much more enlightened soul. She takes what's good in life and concentrates on that. No obsessing for Callie.

Lord - Please make me more like Callie. Thank you.

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