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Monday, May 7, 2012

Here's another fine Maryland Sheep and Wool I've missed

It's almost getting to the point where I can't even remember when I last went to MS&W.  I do remember I went with C and K. C was still working in the corporate world and she's had 2 weddings, 2 grand and moved her house hold since then - so I'm guessing it was 2009? I'll have to look at the old blog to see. What I know is that this year, at the thought of making that long drive - 6+ hours - after the past week of city dr visits with BD, evening functions and meetings - to what? add More Yarn to my world? Although I really wanted to visit with C, whom I have not seen in years - I just couldn't bring myself to get in a car again and make that round trip.

Still and all - in honor of the event I did pick up my knitting again - it has been AGES since I've knit a stitch on my lacy tank top - at least, knit a stitch I didn't soon rip out. I had reached the underarm opening and just couldn't seem to decide on how I wanted to handle the shaping. I'm bigger in the front than in the back and usually I take care of this with short rows. I tried it with this lacy pattern, though and did not like how it looked. I put the project in time-out. I picked it up again, ripped out the short rows and tried again. This time I did not divide the tank in half at the side seam but made it wider in front than in back. Then I began to worry it would never work and put the poor thing back on the shelf. Yesterday I picked it up, tried the thing on - basically it was just a wide lacy band - decided the strange division will work and began knitting away on the front slightly-more-than-half - and of course completely forgot the lace stitch, refused to look it up, knit the whole durn thing wrong with the holes on the side of each flame instead of up the center. Ripped those rows out and tried a final time and now I am very happy with the progress I've made.

I want to finish this up quickly because I have aNother idea in my little knitting math brain - a summer dress, loosely based on and inspired by the Kristy McGowan's SoHo Smocked Dress - knit in yellow silk (and I am thinking seriously of adding some yellow wooly nylon to the bodice so it won't droop out of shape) but with a different rib cage treatment - probably ribbed and then maybe smocked with sewing. And I am thinking of a lacy hem instead of a straight knit one. More about all this Later. But first I simply must finish this tank top. It's absurd to let something this easy and this small sit idle while warm weather creeps into Virginia.

Ooops. Late fer werk. Ta. Happy Monday.

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  1. It was 2009 - I've added a link to the blog post about it.